What To Do If My Dryer Won’t Start

My dryer won’t start and my wife is so mad! Hey, it isn’t my fault! Everything breaks sooner or later, and usually at an inconvenient time. Why can’t she wear something else that is already dry? But no, she must have that one blouse and by this afternoon! Fortunately, I have experience in these matters. Unfortunately, my planned golf outing is now to be postponed. Let’s see if we can settle this matter quickly!

First, I will check the power. The breaker isn’t tripped, so I’ll see if there is power at the outlet just to make sure. There are three slots, so I’ll use my electrical tester in the center slot and each side one at a time. I don’t want to poke it into both outer slots – the last time I did that sparks went flying and I ruined my tester! I have 110 volts on each side, so that isn’t the problem. Now I will make sure the cord isn’t the problem, by performing the same test carefully at the other end of the cord. No problem there either. 2 tests down, and still my dryer won’t start.

Time to test the thermal fuse. I remember it is always white or black plastic lg dryer repair los angeles, and located on either the blower housing or exit chute. I am not sure if it is on the front or back or this dryer, so I will try the back first. Or perhaps I’ll unplug it first – good idea! I take off the back panel and nope, not there! Let’s see, the front panel has 2 screws at the bottom and hinges outward to come off if I remember right. Okay, now I see the thermal fuse. I can’t find my ohmmeter to test it, so I’ll try a trick. I’ll tape the 2 wires together to bypass it and plug the dryer in to see if still my dryer won’t start. Hey, it starts! I’ll be able to run this one load this way until I get a replacement. But why did the thermal fuse blow in the first place?

I’ll bet there is a bunch of lint in the venting. Sure enough, it is packed with lint! I clean this out and now my new part won’t blow right away. I unplug the dryer again and put it back together. I holler at my wife to get her bananas over here and test my fine work. I step back as she pushes the start button and… nothing! She now does the hollering; “My dryer won’t start and I thought you fixed it”! I rush in and quickly, and thankfully, realize I forgot to plug it back in! Let’s try again…

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