What Are The Questions To Ask The Oil Companies?

When shopping around for a oil company to heat your home, there are several important questions to ask before contracting them for service. The main questions that will determine which company you contract with is the cost, the quantity, the response time, and if there is a guarantee.

heating-300963_1280The companies all have different costs for the oil. The cost will depend on how much oil is being purchased. This amount depends on how big the holding tank is and how often it needs to be filled. The form of payment for the service varies. Some companies may require payment in full upon signing the contract. Other companies will want a down payment then monthly payments. And the other option is for the companies to just charge per visit.

The quantity of the oil dispensed varies on the size of the holding tank. This quantity also depends on if you want the entire tank filled up. In some instances, the customer may just want the holding tank filled partially and in other cases, the customers may have a surplus tank to fill.

The response time among the companies vary. The response time depends on what time of year it is, if the weather is cooperative, and how the work load is. If the customer requests service in a middle of a snowstorm, the response time of the company will be much slower due to driving conditions. The response time also depends on the number of service calls they have in front of yours.

Another important question to ask is if the service comes with a guarantee. Most companies will have a guarantee on the product they are selling.