Optimum Maintenance of Fridge Refrigerators

You will be hard pressed to find a home, office or dorm room that does not include fridge refrigerators as an essential appliance. In the beginning, the main purpose of a refrigerator was to keep food from spoiling by preventing bacteria from growing by providing a constant cool temperature. Soon it became apparent that the fridge would have many applications, including allowing individuals to eat healthier without starting their very own farms. It is also much easier to save money on food by buying in bulk and freezing it for later.

If you want, your fridge refrigerators to perform optimally you must perform routine maintenance. Of course, all of your appliances will need some care or maintenance however samsung refrigerator repair los angeles, the fridge is most important due to the necessity of keeping your food safe to eat. Besides you do not want to waste all the money you spent on staples.

No matter which model fridge you decide to purchase from a simple Samsung fridge freezer to a top of the line Bosch fridge here are a few pointers on maintenance. You will get much more use out of your refrigerator when you take the necessary steps to prolong quality and durability.

Making Room

The first order of the day should be proper placement of the refrigerator since it will matter the most in the long run. For one thing, you should never place it in an area exposed to heat from both modern appliances like the oven and stove as well as in a sunlit space. Otherwise, the fridge will work harder at cooling itself, thus, leading to higher energy bills as well as sacrifices in longevity.

Once you have picked the perfect location you will want to ensure that it is flat and level before sliding in your fridge. If the area is unlevel, you will lose cooling efficiency and possibly storage space in your fridge.

A great way to save energy is to avoid opening your fridge often or widely. It may surprise you to learn that savings on your energy bill could be as much as 30% with this one simple tip. Decide what you need from the refrigerator before you open the door, then remove it quickly and shut the door back tightly.

Clean the Coils

A very important tip for increasing your fridges functionality and longevity is clean the coils. You can find the compressor coils generally at the rear top or bottom and in some cases under the unit. To clean the compressor coils unplug the fridge then maneuver it to a position where the coils are exposed. All that is left is to either vacuum them or wipe the dirt away with a cloth or brush.

Regular Cleaning

Just like all appliances, the fridge refrigerator will acquire dirt and grime on visible areas. You have to regularly wash the unit even if it seems sparkling clean, of which the frequency will depend on factors like place where you live, number of persons using it and quantity of food placed inside. Be sure to use mild detergent and water on the fridge door, gasket and other inside parts while a damp cloth is sufficient for the casing. Never ever use bleach on any parts of the refrigerator even on stubborn stains, which could have been avoided if regular cleaning was performed in the first place.

Responsible ownership and maintenance of your refrigerator will pay off in several ways. Not only will your fridge look great in your kitchen but more importantly, your food will be safe. That is what you call optimal performance.


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